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It reduces stress, helps solve problems and increase your overall well-being

Hannah Dalby, Marketing Genius
22 March 2016
“Playful adults have the ability to transform everyday situations, even stressful ones, into something entertaining.” – Lynn Barnett
Playing triggers the release of endorphins, the body’s natural feel good chemicals which as we all know creates an over-all sense of well-being and can even temporarily relieve pain and improve brain function. people that play don’t experience less stressful things, they just perceive them and handle them differently.
Paint fight after finger painting
Do you ever sometimes look around at everyone and think, why is everyone so damn grown and stressed about everything with their stupid white picket fences pretending to be all prim and proper and focusing on the bloody “adult problems” they love talking about which must somehow make them feel like they’re adulating properly. It’s backwards. It’s not what we were born to do. Its counterproductive. Actually yes you can achieve amazing things and still play just as children play. In fact you are MORE LIKELY to achieve amazing things by doing so.


  • Play generates optimism, makes perseverance fun and leads to mastery.
  • Play fosters empathy
  • Play refreshes long-term adult relationships
  • Play is fun, it can be hilarious which is refreshing, and creates the capacity to share a lighthearted sense of the worlds ironies
Dancing like an indian in a shopping centre
Some of my personal favourite play things are:
1. Finger Painting
2. Paint fights during said finger painting
3. Dancing in shopping centres
4. Playing practical jokes on people
5. Morning Kareoke in the office
6. Chasing butterflies
7. Playing with my dogs as if I too were a dog
8. Going to the bounce centre and pretending I can fly
9. Laughing and making fun of my own “failures”
10. Being the most hilarious person I know and laughing at my own jokes
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